Accelerate PCR genotyping: amplify crude sample without DNA extraction using SampleIN Direct PCR Kit

SampleIN™ Direct PCR Kit is the great tool to perform fast PCR without template DNA extraction



ALLin™ buffer
with dNTPs
Fast cycling GC/AT rich PCR Max product High Yields Direct PCR Multiplex PCR Direct gel loading
SampleIN™ Direct PCR Kit Fast, direct crude sample PCR, includes ALLin™ HS Taq DNA Polymerase in 2X mastermix with red loading dye (available separately)   ●  ●    ●  5 kb  ●  ●●●  ●  ● 
ALLin™ Taq DNA Polymerase, 5 u/µl Robust Taq with ALLin™ buffer for standard, fast, GC rich PCR 6 kb ●● ●   
ALLin™ Red Taq Mastermix, 2X ALLin™ Taq DNA Polymerase in 2X mastermix with loading dye   ●  6 kb   ●●  ●  ● 
ALLin™ Taq Mastermix, 2X ALLin™ Taq DNA Polymerase in 2X mastermix 6 kb ●● ●  ●   
Taq DNA Polymerase, 5 u/µl Classical Taq, magnesium supplied separately       5 kb      


Tips for the best direct PCR or crude sample PCR amplification results:

          If direct PCR amplification does not work, reduce the sample input amount, for example use less of bacterial colony material or less of tissue.

          For some samples you might need performing a simple lysis with proteinase K, lysozyme or commercially available direct PCR amplification lysis buffers.

          Try different dilutions of the lysed sample for the PCR amplification.

          Choose primers with high specificity and efficiency for the target sequence to ensure successful amplification.

          Use only the hot-start DNA polymerase or master mix for the best amplification result when working with crude samples.

          Determine the optimal annealing temperature by conducting a temperature gradient PCR to enhance primer binding and specificity.

          Extend the denaturation step to ensure complete DNA denaturation, especially in crude samples with potentially more inhibitors that can be degraded when heating.

          Include positive control (known DNA template/primers) and negative controls (no template) to validate the PCR amplification results.

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