Take5™ 100 bp DNA Ladder


  • DNA sizing on agarose gels.
  • Approximate DNA quantification on agarose gels.


  • Room-temperature-stable ladders - always ready to use.
  • Sharp bands, bright reference bands, indicated DNA mass.
  • Supplied with loading dye for DNA samples.


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Product information "Take5™ 100 bp DNA Ladder"

highQu ready to use DNA ladders are mixtures of highly purified plasmid digests and PCR products. The high ladder purity allows for exceptional stability and room temperature storage. Ladders are ready to be directly loaded on agarose gels and are supplied with the loading dye solution for probe DNA. They provide sharp bands for DNA sizing and allow for approximate DNA quantification by comparing the amount of DNA of the band similar in size to your sample band.

Proper agarose gel preparation is a crucial step in DNA electrophoresis. Here are some detailed tips to ensure optimal separation and visualization of DNA fragments:

Proper agarose gel preparation is a crucial step in DNA electrophoresis. Here are some detailed tips to ensure optimal separation and visualization of DNA fragments:

Gel casting:

  • Choose the appropriate agarose concentration based on the expected fragment size range.
  • Measure the required amount of agarose and add it to the appropriate volume of buffer.
  • Heat the mixture in a microwave until the agarose is completely dissolved.
  • Allow the mixture to cool to a temperature that is safe to touch but still liquid before pouring it into the gel tray.
  • Avoid creating air bubbles during pouring by slowly and gently filling the gel tray.
  • Wait till the agarose gel is completely formed.
  • Immerse the gel into the tray with the buffer, remove the combs and ensure the gel is completely covered by electrophoresis buffer.

DNA sample loading:

  • Prepare DNA samples by mixing them with loading buffer supplied with the DNA ladder.
  • This buffer helps the samples sink into the wells and provides tracking dyes for visualization.
  • Load a suitable volume of each DNA sample into the wells.
  • Use DNA ladder or molecular weight marker on both sides of the sample or gel for reference.
  • highQu DNA ladders are ready to use and do not require any extra preparation for loading.
  • Mix the ladder and the sample well before loading on the gel.

Electrophoresis running conditions:

  • Set the desired voltage according to the fragment size and the resolution required.
  • Lower voltages are suitable for resolving larger fragments.
  • Start the electrophoresis run and monitor the migration of tracking dyes.
  • Stop the run once the desired separation is achieved, but be cautious not to allow the DNA bands to run off the gel.
  • Stain the gel post electrophoresis according to the conditions described by Nucleic Acid Stain supplier, for example use highQu StainIN™ GREEN NA Stain.

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