100 mM dNTP Set


  • Standard PCR, long and high-fidelity PCR

  • cDNA synthesis, RT-PCR, qPCR

  • Sequencing


  • Highest quality, >99% HPLC pure dNTPs

  • Free of PCR inhibitors

  • Highly stable

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NUS0101 100 mM dNTP Set 4 x 0.25 ml

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highQu dNTP sets and mixes meet all highest industry standards and allow for unrivaled performance of your PCR and other DNA synthesis, labeling or sequencing  reactions.

Produced under the stringent quality monitoring conditions, they guaranty reproducible results. More than 99% HPLC purity eliminates inhibitions of PCR and allows for increased yields with higher dNTP concentrations.

 Exceptional stability of dNTPs allows for short term ambient temperature shipments, short term room temperature storage or long PCR of more than 30 kb targets (see the picture of Long PCR obtained with highQu dNTPs) as well as long amplifications exceeding 40 cycles.


Print version of the protocol: Product Insert 100 mM dNTP Set
Preparation of dNTP Mixes from a Set of four 100 mM dNTPs:


  • Highly concentrated solutions (like 100 mM dNTP Set) require thorough mixing before the use.
  • The optimal dNTP mix shall have equal concentrations of all 4 dNTPs.
  • To prepare from a set of 4 dNTPs desired mixes of common concentrations, follow the guidelines below:


Use same volume of each from
four 100 mM dNTP solutions:
Resulting 1 ml
Mix concentration:
20 µl each 920 µl 2 mM dNTP mix
25 µl each 900 µl 2.5 mM dNTP mix
100 µl each 600 µl 10 mM dNTP mix
250 µl each - 25 mM dNTP mix


Protocol recommendations for standard PCR
  • Typical concentration of each dNTP in the PCR reaction is 0.2 – 0.25 mM. 
  • Higher concentration increase yields, however Mg2+ ions bind to dNTPs, therefore, both components shall be present in coordinated concentrations.
  • Too high dNTPs and magnesium concentrations reduce PCR fidelity.
  • Mix well each dNTP and magnesium solution, to avoid concentration fluctuations.
  • We recommend final 3 mM MgCl2 with 0.25 mM each dNTP concentration for routine PCR.
  • Recommended volumes of dNTP Mixes and 50 mM MgCl2 are given below, however those are just guidelines, and each reaction might require optimization.


Starting dNTP Mix conc. Vol. of dNTP mix for 50 µl rxn to achieve 0.25 mM concentration of each dNTP
10 mM 1.25 µl
25 mM 0.5 µl


Final Mg2+ conc. in rxn Vol. of 50 mM MgCl2 for 50 µl rxn to achieve desired conc.
2 mM 2 µl
3 mM 3 µl


NUS0101 0.25 ml - 100 mM dATP
0.25 ml - 100 mM dCTP
0.25 ml - 100 mM dGTP
0.25 ml - 100 mM dTTP

Aqueous solution of 100 mM dATP, pH 8.5 (at 4°C)
Aqueous solution of 100 mM dCTP, pH 8.5 (at 4°C)
Aqueous solution of 100 mM dGTP, pH 8.5 (at 4°C)
Aqueous solution of 100 mM dTTP, pH 8.5 (at 4°C)




In the dark at -20°C.


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