High Fidelity & Long PCR


Product Specialties ALLin™ buffer
with dNTPs
GC/AT rich PCR Sensitive, hot-start Fidelity
vs Taq
Max product Direct
High Yields Multiplex PCR Cloning
ALLin™ HiFi DNA Polymerase, 2 u/µl 50X higher fidelity than Taq for
Fast, GC rich, direct PCR with high fidelity
●●   ~50X 10 kb   Blunt
ALLin™ RPH Polymerase, 5 u/µl Robust Proofreading Hot-start Polymerase for long hot start PCR  ● ●● ~ 5X 35 kb ●● ●● TA
ALLin™ RPH Mastermix, 2X ALLin™ RPH Polymerase in 2X mastermix  ● ~ 5X 35 kb ●● ●● TA


check the complete End-point PCR Selection Guide